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Something for your book club to bitch about

Bitch is the New Black: A Memoir seems suspiciously like “chick lit” from first glance. The only thing missing is the standard heels and/or shopping bags on the cover. When I initially picked it up, I fully expected it to be yet another fluff book geared towards a young female audience… which truth be told, [...]

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And on the 7th day God decided to…enjoy a Drag Brunch

Sundays in Washington seem to be a popular time for happy families to rollerblade haphazardly around the national mall, or to incessantly tap on the window protecting Mei Xiang, the frightened panda at the Smithsonian zoo. However, if you are the type of person who is not yet intimately acquainted with the Wiggles, you should: [...]

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DC pizza is an abomination.

When weighing the challenges of DC life, people will zero in on different issues. A few popular gripes: rent is astronomically high, but government and non-profit gigs pay particularly modestly. The town is full of pit-bullish resume builders, and it can be dehumanizing to find that you’ve been objectified as a networking contact after a [...]

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