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DC dating doesn’t have to disappoint

Not to throw a certain boyfriend under the metaphorical blogosphere bus, but I was recently subjected to a pretty shameful DC date. And by shameful, I actually mean oddly unsanitary—like “I need to hunt down the inventor of Purell hand-sanitizer and thank him by agreeing to birth his first born, NOW” unsanitary. Our dinner and [...]

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All The Single Ladies Apparently Don’t Have Facebook

Kate Bolick’s article “All the Single Ladies” in the November 2011 issue of The Atlantic explores various cultural and economical shifts, which have led to an increasing percentage of American women choosing to marry later or not at all. According to Bolick’s research, only 22% of 18-29 year olds in America today are married. The [...]

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How to Skype your way to romance

John and Abigail Adams had parchment and quills. Alfalfa and Darla had tin-cans connected by strings. And Barbie had Ken at her beck and call. Throughout history, famous couples have found new and inventive ways to make sure their sweet nothings get communicated to their beloved in full. For the modern-day couple on the go, [...]

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Fantasy Sports: Heroin for Nerds?

In my defense, he seemed so normal when I first met him. But perhaps I was simply blinded by his amazing ability to fix my Soviet-era toilet. I was still living in a small town in Crimea when a rumor went round the Peace Corps Ukraine gossip mill that a new American guy was being [...]

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Living in sin…a hell of a good time

With Washington DC’s high cost of living, more and more of my couple friends are finding themselves avoiding a life of alleyways and cardboard boxes by taking the plunge and moving in together. For some, the step was a natural progression in their relationship, for others it was the natural progression of their bank account. [...]

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Why Men Hate Toddlers and Tiaras

I love watching lowbrow reality television shows that I can claim are educational in nature. TLC (the cable television channel, not the awesome 90’s band—R.I.P. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes) is the king of such television programming. I mean, TLC is after all, an acronym for “The Learning Channel.” And just look at some of the [...]

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The first inaugural

Our friendship began in May of 2009. We couldn’t have known then that we would eventually share a one-bedroom apartment, an American city and a blog. But we do recall some monumental clickage. We bonded over the ability to be Peace Corps Volunteers without succumbing to the temptation of donning hemp and dissecting Noam Chomsky. [...]

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