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Proposed improvements to DC’s sustainability plan

Mayor Vincent Gray is on the verge of unleashing an ambitious 20-year sustainability plan that aims to make Washington, DC the greenest and most innovative city in the U.S. The crux of the plan is to transform the way that District residents conceive of and use urban space, in order to make DC a happier [...]

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Some Concerns I Have About Titanic 3D

I saw Titanic for the first time over Christmas break in sixth grade. I remember this, because that is the moment the Earth skidded to a grinding halt on its axis. The pinnacle of human creative potential had been reached. No film would ever need to be made again. Indeed, no art would ever need [...]

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Does it make more sense to Bikeshare or Bikeown?

It is no secret that I can be a major bicycle evangelist. I am a born-again rider – like many kids, I learned to ride a bike in my driveway sometime in kindergarten. My interest tapered off once I hit ‘begging mom for rides to the mall’ age, and it wasn’t until I moved to [...]

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What your favorite DC bar says about you

Do you guys know that feeling when the weather first gets really nice, and you get distracted and have no motivation? Um, that is totally not happening with this blog. Because here is a seriously thought-out post that was not written hastily this afternoon, and is instead backed up by meticulous research in strictest accordance [...]

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Dispatches from a standing desk

According to recent studies, if you spend your work day sitting at a desk, you are statistically already dead by now. This caught the attention of my manager, who was inspired to tackle the problem by replacing our regular desks with standing ones . While the idea first struck me as a bit bonkers, I [...]

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DCFishbowl’s Betsy Rothstein insults all Broads of the Beltway (and beyond.)

So, I was just about to settle into a long afternoon of data entry and mail merges, but then something on the internet pissed me off. Then it began to ignite a Twitter fight, and I dig a good Twitter fight, so ALL BETS ARE OFF. Today, DCFishbowl‘s Betsy Rothstein posted an article about female [...]

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Getting Pink’d: Komen, Planned Parenthood and the problem with “Big Breast Cancer”

Like the rest of the internet, I was appalled by Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s spineless withdrawal of grants to Planned Parenthood for mammography and other early breast cancer detection services. (After an avalanche of cyber-anger, Komen ultimately buckled and reinstated the funds.) An estimated one in five American women has received top-notch care [...]

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"Time Stands Still" at Studio Theatre

Review: ‘Time Stands Still’ is worth your time, does not stand still

I have been sitting on my thoughts about Studio Theatre’s current mainstage production Time Stands Still for several days now. It may be because I have been distracted by a.) work I actually get paid to do, and b.) pug photos on the Internet, but I prefer to imagine that my delay is caused by [...]

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The best of DC tourism promo photography

One question I am surprised to be asked so often, both in my capacities as a blogger, and human residing within the limits of the District of Columbia, is “what should I do while I’m there?” There are, of course, plenty of things to do and see during your stay in Washington, DC. It is [...]

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ANN 1 - Holland Taylor - Photo by digitalegacy

Review: ‘Ann’ is playful and fun, but lacks her trademark grit

As a post-thespian and lifelong theatre geek, I have seen my fair share of shows at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. I’ve been regaled by the stylings of opera, the symphony, straight plays and musicals, but last night’s production of Ann: An Affectionate Portrait of Ann Richards was my very first KC one-woman [...]

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