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Things I Regret Not Savoring During Unemployment

Parties in DC are the worst when you are unemployed.  You’ll be minding your own business, just trying to enjoy your fourth (or sixth—no judgments in the land of unemployment) Cape Cod, when some 22 year-old Hill staffer will come bounding up to you to asking, “So, Lindsay, what is it exactly you do?” You [...]

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How Your Boy Band Crush Secretly Determined Your Future

With the wave 90’s boy bands recently reuniting on stage, adult females are suddenly busting out faded concert t-shirts from the back of closets throughout America. 98 Degrees, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys have all decided to pretend it’s 1998 again, and for someone that regularly jams to the “Ace of Base [...]

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DC dating doesn’t have to disappoint

Not to throw a certain boyfriend under the metaphorical blogosphere bus, but I was recently subjected to a pretty shameful DC date. And by shameful, I actually mean oddly unsanitary—like “I need to hunt down the inventor of Purell hand-sanitizer and thank him by agreeing to birth his first born, NOW” unsanitary. Our dinner and [...]

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Bunratty Fortress, Ireland

Getting robbed sucks and other obvious news

Living in DC sometimes requires us to make sacrifices. And for me that sacrifice is sunlight and humanity—my life is largely spent living underground in a basement apartment. This arrangement allows me to save rent money and cultivate a fondness for other burrowing creatures (or as I like to think of them, allies). In this [...]

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The Quest for the Perfect DC Gym

I like to start my New Year’s fitness resolutions around the beginning of February so that I can pretend to have been really committed by the time March rolls around. All the people that foolishly started their resolutions on January 1st are typically weeded out by this time, allowing me to feel a sense of [...]

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Should D.C. have a pit bull ban?

On Friday, I was busy bringing home the bacon (mmm…bacon) at work, when I received a call from the boyfriend on my office line. I knew right away something was wrong because 1) this isn’t 1992, I do have a personal cell phone and 2) he should have been making nachos or crying while replaying [...]

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69th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

Forget Shameful: Celebrity Gossip

Award season is once again upon us, and thus my cold and somewhat callous heart could almost explode from the joy of watching film nerds rubbing elbows with Tilda Swinton, sparkly dresses, and an open bar all in one glorious evening. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. After all, it’s the only season [...]

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Our date with the pet psychic

You guys might not know this but apparently Fargo, North Dakota is a hot bed of psychic activity. How do I know this? Because I now know everything my dog really thinks of me. And it’s terrifying. But let me explain. My boyfriend’s mom, Karen, recently consulted a local pet psychic when struggling to decide [...]

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A Broad of the Year Contest for ANN

The end of the year seems to be a time of hopeful list making on whatever new personalized stationary was thrust upon us during the Christmas season. Lists of resolutions we already know we won’t keep past that inevitably shameful bar crawl on St. Patrick’s Day. If you are of the intellectual sort you probably [...]

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dawson's creek box set

Dawson’s Creek—Arguably the world’s most perfect holiday gift

Not to be all “poor me” but 2011 has been a terrible year for this particular blog writer. I know this might take some of you by surprise because I’m always so charming and witty in my blog posts…you’re welcome…but it’s not always sunshine and unicorns in my world (and if it was I’d be [...]

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